Tattooing über alles | Lyle Tuttle Interview by Heiko Gantenberg

Ob Buch oder Dokumentation, bei Tattooing Über Alles geht es immer um’s Tätowieren und das mit ganz viel Hingabe und Liebe zum Detail.

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This is probably the last taped Interview with the Tattoo Legend Lyle Tuttle. It was taken by Heiko Gantenberg (Top Notch Tattooing) in 2016 while he spend some days at Lyle’s place for Lyle’s 85th birthday. Heiko did a Tour around the world by motorcycle at that time. We are grateful that Heiko allowed us to publish this short moment of Tattoo history. If you wanna see the documentary about his Trip check us out on Amazon. Thank you! No Drama, No Bullshit, Just Tattooing.

Tattooing Über Alles